Welcome to Sivli Sdn Bhd

Sivli Sdn. Bhd. (formerly known as Syarikat Lleveira) was established since 1993. Its purpose was to deliver industry-leading Mechanical, Electrical and Power to a wide range of clients. Throughout the last decade Brunei Darussalam has witnessed development at an astounding pace.

Sivli Sdn. Bhd. (SSB) is proud to be a part of this growth, through the delivery of numerous projects across all spheres of construction. This has ranged from commercial and office buildings, airports, housing and since 2013, also the Civil and Structural. Extensive experience and grown to be one of the major EPC companies operating within the Brunei market. Today the company maintains a core of experienced staff and directly employed site operatives of over 100 people. Operations are supported by strategically located staff and operative bases with logistical support provided via central store and dedicated fabrication facilities.

Our Mission
To provide nationwide reliable Mechanical & Electrical, Telecommunication, Civil &Structural works and to serve as an impetus to the social and economic development of the country
Our Vision
To remain as a leading player in the Mechanical, Electrical, Telecommunication, Civil & Structural sector in the country by extending reliable and cost-effective services to the clients
Our Values
Our values in SSB are focused on people and the world they live in. This means: health and safety, protected environment and supporting our employees in personal development.
Our Policies
  • Practicing the constancy of the purpose
  • Dedicated, destined and determined leadership
  • Committed to meet customers’/ legal compliance
  • Achieving excellence in our specialized field
  • Addressing the global market changes and their effects
  • Lifelong learning to overcome the challenges of change
  • Effective, efficient and excellent strategies and Innovations
  • Practicing corrective action to achieve excellence
  • Persistent, tenacious and continuous improvement
Health & Safety
SSB strives to achieve and maintain an environment that is free of injuries, ill health and material loss. Therefore, health, safety and welfare of people while they are at work, as well as those around them are paramount.

SSB recognizes that the development a supportive of Health & Safety culture is an essential element when maintaining control over risk. SSB believes that achieving a risk-free environment must be a collaborative effort. For this reason SSB does all that is practically possible to promote co-operation between companies, groups and individuals. SSB supports initiatives aimed at continuous Health & Safety improvements and ensures effective communication throughout the organization. SSB ensures that this is achieved through the following policies:
  • To promote a safe and healthy working and living environment by taking proactive measures to provide safety safe working environment at all times.
  • Require a high standard of Health & Safety from our employees and contractors, supporting our commitment to monitoring our achievements and delivering a continuously improving performance.
  • Recognize that the prime responsibility of Safety & Health rests with the line management and that safety matters will be held in equal importance to other business objectives.
  • To comply with all acceptable Health & Safety legislation and the statuettes of the country.
  • Recognize that people are the most important asset of a business. Therefore it is important that we provide the necessary training, as well as encouraging their active participation and involvement in all Health & Safety matters.
Our Solutions
By providing Mechanical & Electrical, Telecommunication, Civil and Structural works solutions to many services within the industry, all of which are of high quality done by people with plenty of experience and knowledge;
  • Design works on Mechanical & Electrical, Telecommunication, Civil and Structural works
  • Procurement of Mechanical & Electrical, Telecommunication, Civil and Structural works
  • Installation solution in any expertise within the allocated time frame
  • Testing solution with our advanced precise testing equipment
  • Maintenance solutions by our 24/7, full time, dedicated and hardworking employees